"I am photographing actresses at home."

Translation:Otthon színésznőket fényképezek.

September 15, 2016

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Is there a reason that itthon is not accepted or should I report it?

Also this feels a bit creepy...


I believe it means "at their homes", instead of "at my home".

Not sure though.


Actually, "itthon" is always "my home", and used only when I am actually home. It literally means "here at home". So, talking about home at work: "otthon". Talking about home while at home: "itthon".

There is nothing creepy about being a professional photographer and having a studio at home.


Then how do I say, at their homes?


"Az (ő) otthonukban."

"Színésznőket fényképezek az otthonukban."

"Otthon" can be anybody's home, but then you have to make it clear in the context whose home you are talking about. "Otthonuk", on the other hand, is clearly "their home(s)".


Meh, don't read into it that much. It's more vocabulary than anything. I got burned with "Színésznőket fényképek otthon." because I am not familiar enough with a relatively new verb ....fényképezni.

This photographer must have a studio at his/her house.

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