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"Ez a negyvenkettedik pályaudvar a városban."

Translation:This is the forty-second railway station in the city.

September 15, 2016



Shouldn't it be "ez a negyvenmásodik palyaudvar a városban"?


No, only kettő (2) itself becomes második (2nd). Everything else with -kettő at the end becomes -kettedik.

Similarly, egy becomes első, and anything else with -egy at the end becomes -egyedik.


Is it then százkettedik or százmásodik? Since sometimes this kind of rule only considers the 10s and 1s position.

(Polish paucal is used for numbers ending with 2–4 except for 12–14, and numbers above 100 counts as their sub-100 counterparts, so 127 counts as 27, this is common in languages.)


Maybe these are like subway stops?


No, simple stops are megállók. Pályaudvarok are large stations, most often in a dedicated building, where multiple lines (mostly train or bus lines) run together. You might call them "central stations" or something.

No, it doesn't make much sense having forty-two of these stations in a single city.


If someone can help me, how would you translate "This forty-second railway station is in the city." Pretty similar, but there has to be some difference.


"This forty-second railway station is in the city." Ez a negyvenkettedik pályaudvar a városban van.


This is quite useful.
Ez a(z) X a(z )Y-ban van. = This X is in the Y.
Ez a(z) X a(z) Y-ban. = This is the X in the Y.

I hope I got it correctly.


All of stations are railway station?


I am finding these answers a bit arbitrary

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