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  5. "What does the fox say?"

"What does the fox say?"

Translation:Τί λέει η αλεπού ;

September 15, 2016





Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!


Duo seems to complain if one writes τι instead of τί. From what I understand this shouldn't happen, since τι is correct (too).


I always thought the diacritic should only be used on polysyllabic words, I suppose it is to show it being a question?


The accent is used on a few one-syllable words to distinguish words which otherwise would have the same spelling (similar to French ou, où; a, à).

These include η, ή (the, or) - πως, πώς (that, how) - που, πού (that/which, where). According to older grammar books, this may also include τι, τί, but I don't think the unaccented τι (= because) is used much any more and so newer spelling rules seem to be to allow the question word τί (= what) to be spelled without an accent as there is no real risk of confusion.


At least in my grammar book (Greek. An Essential Grammar by Holton et al. from 2016) τί isn't even mentioned. Assuming the newer spelling rules indeed allow τι too it would be great if it was accepted as an answer without Duo complaining about the accent.


It actually says: τζοφ τσοφ τσοφο τσοφο τσοφ ! :D


What sort of punctuation does greek use?

  • , comma
  • . full stop/period
  • ! exclamation mark
  • ; question mark
  • · (middle dot) works similarly to a semicolon or colon in English
  • « » quotation marks (sometimes other shapes are seen as well)


Ahahah !! Good one


ME reading this sentence:

Ρήγγ-ντήγγ-ντήγγ-ντήγγ-ντηγγερτηγγεντήγγ! Γά-πά-πά-πά-πά-πά-πεύ! Χατί-χατί-χατί-χό! Υάυ-τσάυ-τσάυό-τσάυό-τσάυ! Υατσά-τσατσά-τσατσά-τσό! Βρακά-κακά-κακά-κακά-κεύ! Α-χή-αχή χα-χή! Βαβά-βάι-ντό βώμπ-βώντ-μπίντ-ντώμ βαβά-βάι-ντό!

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