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  5. "Τα ρούχα των ζώων"

"Τα ρούχα των ζώων"

Translation:The animals' clothes

September 15, 2016



Just a small comment: I wrote "the animals' clothes" and it was indeed accepted, but it indicated that I was "almost correct" and the ideal answer should be "the animals clothes." As far as I am aware, the genitive apostrophe is not optional in English spelling rules (but maybe the rule has changed since I have been in grade school...?)


A moderator indicated (on a different page) that the apostrophes are missing from some plural possessives. Keep reporting them.


Well, in fact, they are not quite missing. We initially thought we might be missing some from the translations, but they are there. However, for some reason, they are not 'identified'. While everything is fine with the apostrophe being followed by s in a word (for example, girl's), there seems to be a problem with 'identifying' the apostrophe at the end of the word, after the -s. We are not sure why that is exactly, but we are hoping to fix this on the new tree! ^.^


This might be a general Duolingo issue.


You are correct -- in English, the apostrophe after the 's' indicates plural possessive (with maybe one or two exceptions, but what grammatical rule in English doesn't have exceptions?)


Just for information, in English, when you have an irregular plural such as "children" which is clearly the plural of "child", the apostrophe on the genitive plural goes before the "s": children's. Also "women's" and "men's", etc.

(When I started secondary school, we were clearly told that we were at the Girls' High School, not "Girl's", since there was more than one girl attending the school and "girls" is a regular plural.)


I got the version of this where you fill in the blanks and had to choose The animals clothes because there was no apostrophe available


Me too. The plural apostrophe appears to be missing in many of these exercises.


Same here, the apostrophe is also (still) missing in the pre-written tiles that I can put. The answer was accepted nonetheless.


The English is incorrect. It needs an apostrophe: The animals' clothes. In the system is the incorrect "The animals clothes".


What a strange sentence. A Scandinavian zoo perhaps.


The problem in the answers still exists, at least on this page and the correct answer is.


Another instance in which the apostrophe is missing in the English translation, but the options in Report do not include "English translation is grammatically incorrect," so I report it here (Jan 31, 2019)


When I put the cursor over ζώων it says " The animals meal" is that just a mistake or does this have another meaning?


No, I think you are right in thinking that it is a mistake.


The word provided in English in the system are incorrect in that the apostrophe is missing.


The apostrophe shows in the translation above, but does not show on the tiles to choose from.


'duds'???? I got this as the correct answer! Is it even a word in English??? I wrote the animals dress.


Yes, it is a term that's used for clothes, mostly in British English. "The animals dress" would be incorrect, because the words clothes(τα ρούχα) and dress are not interchangeable. The meaning is different.


"Duds" also is American English, but it is an old-fashioned informal word not much used today, except for comic effect.


Indeed. Strangely enough, we've had too many reports for it to be added. :P


Then why is it not accepted to write "the clothes of the animals"?


No sorry "the clothes of animals"

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It has been added.


The english options/words do not provide animals' so it is not possible to answer this correctly


Both sentences do not make amy sense - neither in greek nor im english


I don't know, I mean, I prefer not to walk around naked :p


An apostrophe is missing from animals' in an early section of genitive. This is quite confusing.

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