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  5. "Εγώ δεν φοράω παπούτσια"

"Εγώ δεν φοράω παπούτσια"

Translation:I don't wear shoes

September 16, 2016



..because i like to walk barefeet! ... :D


What would one shoe be?


"Παπούτσι" :)


[Tarantino’s heavy breathing intensifies]


Is there a difference in Greek between "I don't wear shoes" and "I am not wearing shoes"? In English, the first means "I don't wear shoes IN GENERAL." The second only refers to what I am wearing RIGHT NOW. How do you tell which is meant in Greek?


It can mean both, depending on context. Greek has only one present tense.


What is the difference between εγώ φορώ and εγώ φοράω? When I look up the verb in the dictionary, it is under φορώ.


It is the same thing. Greek ver.s that end in an accented "ώ" (Ρήματα β' συζυγίας) have two forms with zero difference in meaning.


If you are trying to say that we can also use "δε φοράω..." the answer is yes. That is one of the accepted translations. But please give us more information in your comments.


The exercise is currently marking the use of δε as incorrect.


"Εγώ δε φοράω παπούτσια." is an accepted translation so if your sentence was rejected it was not because of the word δε.

By more information, I meant we need to see what else you wrote. With one word we have no way of knowing what other mistakes there were in the sentence. Did you make a REPORT? a screenshot.?

Here's how to REPORT. Go to the bottom of the exercise page where you'll see "REPORT" Click on that:

Then choose what you want to REPORT:

-My answer should be accepted. This is the one you should click on if your translation was not accepted.

After choosing the REPORT you want to make you should post on the comment page.

  • Please do not post comments about rejected sentences if you have not made a REPORT.

  • Don't expect us to guess why your sentence was rejected by showing one word.


Hi, Jaye! We correspond a lot, and this isn't my first rodeo. Of course I made a report. :) I do think you may want to reconsider the tone of your response, as it comes across a little roughly, especially to those of us with experience on the platform.

It's too late to see if there was a different issue, so if you say there was, I guess there was. I do know that I always compare the result to the error report carefully, but it isn't out of the question that I missed something else. If so, I am sorry for taking up your time.

If I may make a feature request, it would be nice if duolingo had a way to notify us of the status and resolution of our reports. Maybe it does already and I just don't know how to get to it (if so, would you mind pointing me in the right direction?) I think that would be an extremely useful enhancement to the learning experience.

Thanks again for all you do as a moderator. I love the platform and appreciate everybody's efforts.


My comment was meant to be informative as well as emphatic because not all learners are aware of how Duolingo functions. If it came across as rough I apologize.

Now as for the REPORT are you referring to a formal REPORT at the bottom of the exercise page, because we do not have any recent reports of this issue.

As for notifications that is out of our jurisdiction. Our mandate is to create and moderate the linguist aspects of the course. You can make your request to Duolingo Help. The link to which is found at the foot of each page.


Hi! Wrote this and got wrong... Εγώ δε φοράω παπούτσια Marked wrong on δε...


It is accepted with either...."δε" or "δεν" you should have made a report. (Although the best is "δε")

We moderators cannot see your sentence therefore before you make a comment you should have made a REPORT. TIPS TO MAKE LEARNING EASIER and EFFECTIVE + HOW TO REPORT A PROBLEM


they will help you:

1 always find the correct translation (Drop Down Hints)

2 find explanations for grammar and vocabulary....(Tips & notes)

3 Show you what to do if your sentence is rejected or you have another problem.

Also, check out the Greek Forum with many more resources…... https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/936


Made the report: "My answer should have been accepted" and copied the answer to you. I am using the web version on my phone... And it complained on δε saying it should be δεν it was a "write what you hear" from listening and I am quite sure also, that she (the voice) says δε.... Hope this helps you

But you mean in this case it is also right with δεν? Lasse

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