Translation:η Ελένη!

September 16, 2016

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Shold you always type the η before female words? I didn't type it and it was good, but I see it in the translation.


In nominative case, all nouns, including names, take an article in front of them. E.g:

You're hanging out with a friend. Suddenly, you see Eleni near by. You turn to your friend and say: "Η Ελένη!"

On the other hand, nouns aren't accompanied by articles in vocative case. E.g:

You see Eleni and want to grab her attention. You yell at her: "Ελένη!"


With the exclamation point and no further context, I really would have gone with the vocative here.


How are you supposed to type it? Is there a certain thing you can do on the keyboard? I don't see any buttons above the translate thing at all.


It's confusing for the word to sound like the Greek translation for itself. Wouldn't it make more sense if it was Helen?


Also, while those names may share a common root, they are not the same name. I doubt someone named Eleni would like being called "Helen".


We don't, so good call


Is there a way to tell if a word uses o/ω or ι/υ/η?


I'm not a native speaker, but as far as I know the answer is no. There are some regularities (like the first singular of a verb ending with -ω) but apart from that you have to learn it by heart to know how to spell words correctly.


whats the difference between ι and η


ι and η have exactly the same pronunciation. οι, ει and υ also share the 'ee' sound. Unfortunately, you cannot use them interchangeably. So to spell words correctly you have to learn by heart which of the 5 to use.


I added Greek as a language on my phone and can easily switch between the English and Greek keyboard as needed


It's a Greek name.

The English equivalent would be Helen. (Though a Greek who is called Eleni would usually not be called Helen in English, just as Nikos or Petros or Maria don't usually turn into Nick or Peter or Mary.)


Eleni [helen in English] is a greek name


What's the difference between ι and η in pronounciation?


No difference and there are even a few other letters with that sound. See here for more info on Greek.



My cellphone keyboard doesnt have the accents with it. Is there a way to get them? I got the word right but couldnt put the accent on the ε so i got it wrong.


If you have the Greek keyboard. Then you press the letter you want to have the accent on and hold it and a variety of the same letter shows with different accents. Just slide your finger to the one you want. It works on my Android.


I can't get the Greek alphabet on my computer so I miss all that must be typed IN Greek!


Just two comments below yours you'll see my comment with loads of info .... including how to get the Greek keyboard. Just click where you see the blue word "here".

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