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"Igen, a vár népszerű a turisták között."

Translation:Yes, the castle is popular among tourists.

September 16, 2016



Haven't we learned that vár is specifically Buda Castle?


I think you'll generally find that Buda Castle is capitalized: a Vár as opposed to merely a vár. I suppose it's about like the difference between The White House and the white house.


Yes, "vár" is simply "castle". Each settlement will call its castle "the castle", " a vár", no matter whatever proper name it may have. In Budapest, "a vár" is the "Buda Castle".
You can also think of "the Hill" in the USA.


Are you talking about... Capitol Hill? I'm not sure anyone, myself included, would know what you're talking about if in America you simply referred to "the Hill".


Yes, exactly. But maybe the folks in D.C. are referring to it like that. Not sure. And there may be other hills in other cities. Anyway, the point is, people in Budapest usually refer to the Buda Castle as "a Vár". And there are other towns with castles all over Hungary. So it is each to their own "vár".


To support vvsey's point with an example, in St. Louis "the Hill" would refer to a neighborhood with great italian restaurants south of the city. D.C. would obviously be different...


Whats the explanation between vár the verb and vár the noun


-------- va'rni = to wait, va'r = castle/fortress

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Why is " popular with..." rejected? That is absolutely correct English.


------- but you reported that your version should be accepted, of course . . .

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Yes... Not sure what you're getting at here. This course suffers greatly from poor / missing English translations and so when one of my answers is rejected, I never know whether it's a case of a missing translation, or a subtle distinction that a non-Hungarian would not understand at first glance.


------ there's a "report " button when you have answered. go there and select "my version should be accepted ".

and: get this browser extension for viewing the lists of accepted solutions


I've been using this extension for a couple of months. Thank you so much, Bia-Hoi! I can't tell you how useful and informative this extension has been! It's one of those things you didn't know you needed until you used it and then you realize you've been living like a savage before that. :) I'm kidding , of course, but I am very thankful for this. it also showed me how much work the contributors to the courses have - some sentences have many possible solutions.

the extension by bia-hoi can be found at

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