"Az újság friss?"

Translation:Is the newspaper recent?

September 16, 2016

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Oh. I thought it was "Is the newspaper fresh?" ("Why yes, I just plucked it this morning! You may want to wash it before you read it though.")


You could say "Is there any fresh news" in English, or ask whether there is a fresh newspaper. But it sounds strange to me to ask whether the newspaper is fresh, for some reason.


Do not underestimate MC Fresh Newspaper. She raps your daily input, rhymes the sports news of today, extra flow in the financial section.


English idiom: "hot off the press"


If that's the way Hungarians say it, then that's the way it is.


Friss eperek, friss hírek, friss újságok. Ironic that the Hungarians invented the ball point pen....and used newspaper ink since it dries fast!


In English in this context the newspaper can be said to be: recent, current, today's, etc to indicate "friss".


I put "Is the news fresh?" I find this confusing. If you ask someone "Mi ujsag?" you're asking, "What's the news?" rather than "What's the newspaper?" Ujsag means both news and newspaper and we can, of course, talk in terms of news being fresh. Is my answer wrong and if so, why?


I also put 'news'. Is this not correct?

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