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  5. "I barely see her."

"I barely see her."

Translation:אני בקושי רואֶה אותה.

September 16, 2016



Why is this barely? Shouldn't it be with difficulty? That's not the same thing.


Hardly is more accurate than barely. But the meaning is the same.

Literally you are right, but "hardly" can also take this meaning.


Excellent analysis!


Could it be כימת ולא?


אני כמעט לא רואה אותה.

I almost don't see her. Well, it doesn't really work because how do you almost not see? You do see her, but with encumbrance. You see her, but with stuff hindering you. בקושי literally means "with encumbrance." I struggled with this too. It's just that Hebrew has no BS in it. You either do or don't, or, you can or can't, etc.


If i said יש לי קושי would that mean i have a difficulty?


Why is אני לא כמעט רואה אותה not accepted when earlier in the same exercise אני לא כמעט שומעה אותך was accepted for "I barely hear you"

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