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  5. "אני צריכה ארנק חדש."

"אני צריכה ארנק חדש."

Translation:I need a new wallet.

September 16, 2016



Stop nagging and I'll get you one. This is the third new purse she wants.


Since ארנק means both purse and wallet, how might we say "she put her wallet in her purse" in Hebrew?


I tried "I need a new case," thinking of a guitar case, or a glasses case. Would I have to be more specific?


Yes, ארנק only means wallet or purse, not case.


But doesn't 'bag' be right too?


a better word for a bag is תיק.


Only if you're using US English. In some countries (e.g. Australia) a woman's 'purse' as used in the US is never 'purse' but 'bag,' 'shoulder bag', or 'handbag'. A 'purse' in Australia is a woman's wallet. We would never call the bag a woman is holding/wearing a 'purse'. An Australian would never translate ארנק as 'purse' unless they were on Duolingo and knew they would get marked wrong if they called it a 'bag'. :-)


Duolingo uses US English


Does it? It may be based on US English, but it makes a point of accepting many other variations: 'colour' as well as 'colour', for instance, and other non-American spellings, but also non-American ways of saying things: 'shop' instead of 'store' and lots of other examples I can't think of right now. It seems reasonable to me.


And what would we call the guy that collects the money on airplanes and ships, you know, the "purser"? Turns out, it's a completely different word...גזבר, meaning more like "treasurer".

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