"You are welcome!"

Translation:אין בעד מה!

September 16, 2016

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Can anyone help with the literal translation of this אין בעד מה? Thanks!


.translates as "nothing for what".


it's no problem אין בעיה.. but the app ruined it


I was gonna ask if that was acceptable, since it's my go-to. Guess not :-/


how do you pronounce this? I have had this exercise for some twenty times now but never with hebrew voiceover...


Standard (when using regular Roman letters as opposed to specialized phonetic symbols) transliteration does not use ai for the vowel in stay or they. You should use ey (think of they) or ei (think of neighbor or weigh). So: eyn bead ma. If you are not using an accent mark that might be confused with an apostrophe, you can also write: eyn b'ad ma, or eyn be'AD ma. This avoids confusing people who might read "bead" as rhyming with either knead or bread. But as long as people remember that the e and a are separate syllables, it's okay to write it as bead.


For any pronunciations you need, use Forvo.com. Here's a link pronouncing the above phrase: https://forvo.com/search/%D7%90%D7%99%D7%9F%20%D7%91%D7%A2%D7%93%20%D7%9E%D7%94/


Without pronunciation these lessons suck!


What in the world does this translation have to do with welcome? אין בעד מה?


It's "you are welcome" as a response to "thank you" (equivalent to "no problem, don't worry about it, it's ok"), not as a way of welcoming someone (equivalent to "Come in! Good to see you! Welcome!"). In English the phrase "you are welcome" has those two distinct uses.


IS OK IF WE JUST SAY ''NOT AT ALL''? בכלל לא OR על לא דבר


You might say על לא דבר or זה כלום. Not בכלל לא in this context.


an easy way to switch between languages is to hold down the windows key and press the space bar. it will get you to lowercase english. just press the space bar kind of quickly. sorry if i am giving you information you already figured out.


Or start using Firefox with the Duolingo keyboard plugin, which does all the job for you..


There is a Duolingo keyboard plugin!!! Why didn't somebody tell me? I have Hebrew, Greek, and Turkish alphabets for duolingo. Does it work with all of them? (I also have Arabic in the hope that duolingo will finally release something after almost two years of delays,)


Google Chrome seems to have one as well. Good riddance @ gate2home and the other online keyboards.


In which situations do we say these phrases exactly?
בבקשה/ אין בעד מה / מוזמנים


From what i can tell, בבקשה is the equivalent of "please." "I want chocolate please." אין בד מה is the equivalent of "youre welcome," and ive never seen the last one, I'm sorry.


What is the transliteration of this, please?


What's wrong with ברוח הבא ? and doesn't בבקשה mean please ? Why does it show under the English sentence as an option ?


"You are welcome!" is what you say after somebody thanks you. ברוך הבא is just "Welcome" which is what you say to your guests when they get into your home. בבקשה means "please".


Why does בבקשה show under the english phrase "you are welcome " ? Does בבקשה mean both "please" and "you are welcome" ?


On top of those two, בבקשה is also used when serving as "here you go", or "here you are"


yes for the second question. :)


In several languages the word for "please" is used to say "you're welcome" For example in German, Russian, and Czech.


In English you can say "Welcome" to someone, or You can say "you are welcome" after someone has said "Thank You" ..... The latter is more American though


anyone for a lingot? I have 71


I have over 500


I am having problems with the keyboard for this question in particular. I'm using firefox with the keyboard plugin and normally the computer automatically switches the keys to the Hebrew ones and provides a picture of a Hebrew keyboard on screen. For this question in particular I'm not getting the picture of the keyboard on screen and I haven't learned where each key is yet. What can I do?


if you are on Win10, start key, setting button, time and language and download Hebrew (not standard), after its downloaded, press the ease of access, new window will appear, press keyboard on left, turn on the onscreen keyboard. good luck-בהצלחה?


Is there a difference in the uses of אין בעד מה and בבקשה?


As a reply after someone has thanked you, they are interchangeable. Other than that, בבקשה can be used as "please" and in that sense, they are not interchangeable.


More práctica please

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