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77 dicas para aprender melhor, mais rápido e mais profundamente


Esse site te dá 77 ótimas dicas para melhor seu aprendizado (não só de inglês, mas de todas as matérias)! se você gostou das dicas, clique na setinha pra cima, e bons estudos!

February 10, 2014

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Gostei! Leva meus lingots! Abraço!

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Valeu! Lingote prá você...


traduz entao: Textual interpretation ... Here we encounter a subject whose relevance is undeniable , given the ability of which we have once immersed in the condition of interlocutors . Starting with the noun " interpretation " , derived from the verb interpret, ie , analyze, understand . Yes , understand each and every speech considering the essence , the main idea , sometimes translated through words .

For sure, this translation will be realized if these words do not pose for you just a jumble of ideas , incomprehensible , obscure , obscured , finally , uninterpretable . In this sense , it is necessary first of all that you understand that all language , whatever it may be , has a purpose , a purpose to fulfill. Ie , what the issuer is willing to draw was no accident , because he really wants to get the understanding of what gives . So what you want humorist to make a joke , a reporter to produce a news article, leaving the owner shows a pamphlet , a manufacturer to develop an instruction manual , a writer to produce a literary work ? In all these circumstances it is clear discursive purpose in the printed message.

Given this fact, before you can get a text noting the title , since this beginning can reveal great clues about the subject depicted . Next, the main idea can be represented in the first paragraph. To detect it , not only in that first paragraph , but also in the following , it is necessary to identify the main idea of each synthesis , especially checking the keywords . In doing so , it becomes much easier to make the existing connection in each of these parts , anyway , all interwoven and juxtaposed to each other , forming a logical and coherent whole .


muito pratico as dicas e estou começando a usar,Obrigado!!!


Muito bom. Obrigado pelas dicas.


I'm doing fine. Thanks.

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