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  5. "אתם לא עוזרים לי."

"אתם לא עוזרים לי."

Translation:You do not help me.

September 16, 2016



So, I really don't get why את isn't being applied here... ״אתם לא עוזרים אותי״ I get the idea that the helping is happening TO me so that's why we use לי, but at the same time in every other sentence the action is happening TO the direct object, so why is it so different here? Thanks for your help :)


To help - לעזור - uses an indirect object in Hebrew. The same verbs don't always use objects the same way.


Why is it לי and not אותי?


As Naftali already wrote, עוזר is an intransitive verb, which doesn't take direct object but indirect object, so not את but ל.

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