"A nagymama ad süteményt ebéd után."

Translation:Grandmother gives me cake after lunch.

September 16, 2016

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I think a more natural translation is "The grandmother serves cake after lunch."... does this have the same meaning?


Yes. Although serves can have different meanings.


There is no dative 'nekem' in the Hungarian sentence. How can the translation be .... gives me....


Is süteményt = Kuchen and torta = Torte?


sütemeny = Kuchen , Gebäck, bis Keks. torta= Torte mit Creme, Sahne, Deco, ect.


That's a good clarification for German speakers. In English, sütemény is literally "baked good", but people rarely use that phrase in common speech. Cake is one of literally dozens of kinds of süti, and technically only certain kinds of cake would qualify, so it's use in this sentence is a bit of a stretch for me. Ignoring having a perfectly literal translation, in this case I would translate sütemény as "treat" or "dessert". Of course, if could actually be cake, but it's doesn't have to be.

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