"Ennek ellenére sem lehetetlen."

Translation:It is not impossible even in spite of this.

September 16, 2016



I am impressed, that you understood the sentence. For me it is only one single, very fast word.

December 29, 2016


Yes it is.

September 16, 2016


This seems like a very good sentence for the course to me, though. It's short, it's meaningful and easy for me to imagine in actual Hungarian usage (I would not be surprised to find this exact sentence in a mathematics article, for example) and it seems really natively Hungarian and not contrived to match some English sentence. When I come across sentences like this here it's like finding little gems.

September 16, 2016


Yes, absolutely, it is a perfectly usable little sentence in Hungarian. Enjoy!
And feel free to apply it to learning Hungarian by doing this course! :)

September 21, 2016


Somebody smoked cannabis on creating this course..

June 22, 2019
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