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  5. "Το μίσος δεν είναι καλό."

"Το μίσος δεν είναι καλό."

Translation:The hatred is not good.

September 16, 2016



No article before " hatred" in this phrase. " Hatred is not good" but " The hatred of other races is called racism".


Hate is not good was marked wrong The hatred is not good sounds a bit awkward


Το μίσος του κακού είναι καλό.


Δεν συμφωνώ


Γιατί; Μόνο η αγάπη μπορεί να ξεπεράσει το μίσος; Is it because only love can overcome hate, as Marvin Gaye sang in What's Going On? Socrates would ask us what we mean by the terms hatred and evil, and then he would push the envelop to ask us whether it's possible for someone to label incorrectly something as evil. Plato treats these matters in his dialogues, esp. in the Republic. Some people, for instance, may label as evil things that either are not or do not appear to be evil in order to create divisive binaries and divert attention from their own unethical behavior. Even if one can at times identify the wheat from the chafe, it's unclear whether being able to identify good and evil will bring about the happiness being sought after. Knowledge of the good does not necessarily mean that the person will choose the good, as Aristotle warned, perhaps out of naked self-interest or an ethic of the end justifies the means (as is always the case in war). Γιατί δεν συμφωνείτε;


In the listening exercise "μισθός=income" is accepted without indicating a typo!

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