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  5. "Το πρωινό του σκύλου"

"Το πρωινό του σκύλου"

Translation:The dog's breakfast

September 16, 2016



This probably literally means "The dog's breakfast" eg, what the dog is eating. But there is a phrase in English "The dog's breakfast" which means a much of random things thrown together. It could be food. But it could also be a bunch of different jobs you have to do or something.

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So, true and very often not really pleasant things. However, in Greek it's as you say what a dog eats in the morning.


In our house we have no control over what the dog eats in the morning:-)


I've heard it more said as 'the dog's dinner', but yeah.


I know we're learning Greek here, but let me indulge myself in a bit of English for a moment. We've got all three forms of the article:

A dog's breakfast as in It's a dog's breakfast: Brexit is a real dog's breakfast (as Tom says and who will disagree—stand up and be counted!)

The dog's breakfast as in: Who ate the dog's breakfast?

And zero article: I never eat breakfast.

Please don't expect me to explain, though I will if anyone really wishes.

This thread started two years ago, before Brexit was even a twinkle in Boris Johnson's bloodshot eye. :-)


το μπρέξιτ του σκύλου as Yanis Varoufakis might say


What a dog's breakfast! Which means something like: They've made a real mess of doing it.


My dog eats breakfast, lunch and dinner lol!


My dog never has a breakfast :) He prefers a good dinner :)


Why duolingo puts weird thing tho like when i did a Portuguese lesson "the dog reads the newspaper" Now u add "the dog's breakfast" Lol

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There are thousands of sentences on Duolingo ... some of them are serious, some are boring, some are just funny. Funny is good to keep us awake, and actually we remember the funny ones more easily.

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