"Daraus wird bald Liebe."

Translation:Soon it will be love.

February 6, 2013

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'This will soon be love'? what kind of answer is this. could it be Daraus wird bald Liebe sein?


No, "Daraus wird bald Liebe sein" is not correct german.


Why? and why Daraus is translated as 'that'?


Da + preposition alway means that the object of hte preposition is "that". For example "darĂ¼ber" means "about that", and "deswegen" (genitive of da is des) means for that reason. We actually do somethign similar in English. You can say "therefore" to mean for that reason; "therein" to mean in that; and so on (thereto, therewith, thereon, thereby, etc.).

In this case the literal translation would be "out of that will come to be love soon", which when you make it more natural in English just means that "that will become love soon".

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