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"Sa mission se termine à la fin de la semaine."

Translation:Her mission ends at the end of the week.

February 6, 2013



Why 'se termine'? is this usage somehow reflexive? Could it not also be just 'termine'?


no it could not be just termine if it where it would have to be referring to an object i.e. il termine sa mission - he/it ends his/its/her mission, but sa mission se termine- his mission ends.

what is the mission ending precisely? itself, so you have to use the reflexive form.:) hope that explains it well enough:$ (also as a side-note when it's reflexive like this you have to use etre as opposed to avoir in the passé composé)


Can't I translate it as "on the weekend"...?


In Quebec French, 'le fin de la semaine' is used to say 'the weekend.' Duolingo seems to say in France French that 'le fin de la semaine' is literally 'the end of the week' and nothing more.


That's what I thought too...plus, I actually used that in conversation, more than once.


I don'think that would be correct. Weekend implies Saturday/Sunday. The mission week could end on Wednesday. Also don't forget that French weeks run Lundi - Dimanche.


Not sure what "mission week" means, though...


"ça mission" instead?


You're probably thinking « CETTE mission » (Ça is a pronoun)


Why not 'He finishes his mission at the end of the week', ?

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