"Any student that arrives late does not receive a grade."

Translation:כל תלמיד המגיע מאוחר לא מקבל ציון.

September 16, 2016

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Please notice that the phrase "arrives late" can also mean "מאחר". Any variation which includes "מאחר" is acceptable too. For example, this translation is correct even though Doulingo doesn't accept it: "כל תלמיד (או סטודנט) אשר מאחר, לא מקבל ציון."


What is formal about this?


I guess that the formal part is the use of ״ה״ instead of ״ש״ in ״המגיע״ (as opposed to ״שמגיע״).


Can you say שום תלמיד here? Why not if "no"?


Even In English, the sentences Any student that arrives late does not receive a grade

and No student that arrives late receives a grade are different.


Thanks Theresa. I always translate שום to "any" even though it has morphed into a negative (no) over time. שום דבר לא..., for example, I translate to any thing does not...

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