"Our cat"

Translation:Nuestra gata

February 6, 2013

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Nuestro gata nuestro gato what is the dif


nuestra gata/ nuestro gato


You know the a and o thing really helps.


Nuestro is the male term of our. You should use the male term for cat, you mixed male our and female cat.


what if the cat is female belonging to a group of males? nuestro[because its a group of males] gata[becase the cat is a female]


If the cat is a female, it's "nuestra gata". "Nuestra" has to agree with the cat, not with the cat's owner.


oh ok i guess....one would think with all the gender rules and being a male dominate society that they would never make a feminine word apply to a group of males...but hey shows what i know :p


It's because you refer to the cat and not the whole group, the whole group would be nuestros


teehawk- even if there's only a female in a group of males, it's masculine.


Im sorry but this funny in the owners have to agree with the cat but the cat does not have to agree with the owners. Very strange but funny. I mean who run things here. The cat has too much power lol.


I agree. Please let it stop....drop the cat...;-)


but if you are talking about the group of cats it's gatos even with one female. you'd only use gatas if it were all girl cats. i don't know why u get less if you use the masculine form :/


If you say gata then the "our" is referring to a feminine word so it's nuestra


Nuestro gata and Nuestro
Nuestro is a masculine word and gata is a feminine word and goto is a masculine word too

Its telling u that masculine and feminine word dont go together,

Heres a tip ~o at the end of a word it masculine
And a at the end is feminine


is there a nuestro and nuestros


nuestro gato, nuestros gatos.


You use "nuestros" when you're talking about plural nouns. If you have 2 more more cats it'd be "nuestros gatos" or "nuestras gatas", but this is only one cat, so "nuestro gato" or "nuestra gata".


I always thought that "cat", without any indication otherwise, was automatically male. Wouldn't this make the correct answer "Nuestro gato?" Why do we assume that 'our cat' is female?


I understood Gata is female it would be Nuestra Gata Nuestro Gato is male.


The correct answer is both depending if the cat is male of female


It doesnt matter in this context. Wether or not the cat is male or female is up for debate later.


lexilewis- When there's no context, you can't know the gender, so both are accepted.


why do we change the ending for cat to fem/masc but we don't for other nouns?


I too would like to know this? It's been one of the only nouns so far that we've done it for...


You do, patos patas perros perras pajaro pajara


Es correcto nuestro gato


Nuestro gato and nuestro gata are both correct. It's just that the word "gato" is male and "gata" is female. The plural version of "gato" is "gatos" (for males) And the plural version of "gata" is "gatas" (for females). So if you want the full sentence, "our cats" (male) is "nuestros gatos" And "our cats" (female) is "nuestros gatas". For extra help, when a spanish word ends with a vowel, you add a "s" e.g. the plural form of "libro" is "libros" (libro+s) If a spanish word ends with a consonant, you add a "es" e.g. the plural form of "professor" is "professores" (professor+es)


Nuestro gata is incorrect if the cat is feminine then ours is feminine too


ariane- wrong : nuestrAs gatas


I wrote nuestro gato two times and got wrong , when I wrote nuestra gata also I got wrong


could it be correct in masculine and feminine?


Gato de Nosotros? Why El?


Because it's a specific cat, not just any cat or cats in general. Also, sometimes Spanish uses the definite article (el, los, la, las) in sentences where we wouldn't in English.


Gato is normally masculine el gato, and " our" is like adjective and require to follow , so nuestro gato is correct.


we dont kno if its male or not...


i wrote nuestro gato why it is wrong ?


Our is general so you .select both because dont know if the cat is male or female.


Gata o gato its the same it doesnt say male or not so it should still be the same


forever- Wrong. In Spanish as in French, all the nouns have a gender. Both feminine and masculine are accepted without context, but they aren't the same.


Who says only men can own cats?


seamusxbox- nuestro goes with the noun (cat) but not with the owner. 2 men or 2 women can say : nuestro gato or nuestra gata.


This always gets me :/


wtf? i put nuestra gata the first time and got it wrong, then next time i put nuestro gato the next time and still wrong?


andrew- they were the 2 correct answers, maybe you m ade another mistake, if not, report it.


Question: I see here thatthe long version would be el gato de NOSOTROS and not "el gato de nuestro". Does this mean in cases where we can to use de to show ownership we have to use the tu/el/ella/usted/nosotros rather than mio/tuyo/suyo/nuestro? And if so, how would I say my cat in that same format?


habibt- nosotros is a personal pronoun : we. nuestro is a pôssessive adjec tive : our. In English it would be a big mistake saying : the cat of our. el gato de mi marido/my husband's cat. la madre de Juan/John's mother. My sister and I love our mother/mi hermana y yo amamos a nuestra mamá. the car is mine- el coche es mía. the pen is yours/ el bolígrafo es tuyo. mío= mine. my cat= mi gato/gata.


How do we know if if Nuestra ends with o or a, is it wrong because gata ends with a, and nuestra should take the feminine form or is it because of something else?


hailey- nuestra always ends with A, with a feminine noun. Nuestro ends with o with a masculine noun. You can't interchange them. So nuestro and nuestra goes with the noun, they don't take the owner's gender.


hey, whats the difference between nuestra/nuestras/nuestro, gata/gato and gatas/gatos???


Then is a female horse "la caballa" ?


My Spanish instructors have told me that "gata" is not an actual word; that it's a grammatically wrong slang.

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