"A busz befordul ebbe a keskeny utcába."

Translation:The bus turns into this narrow street.

September 16, 2016

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When she says "ebbe a" it sounds like "ebba." I knew what it was supposed to be so I didn't get it wrong, but it really sounds like "ebba." I've noticed that with other words, when one word ends in 'e' and the next one starts with 'a', the 'e' seems to disappear.


I hear the 'e', thin, but it's there. But yes, when two vowels get together, they will be pronounced less clearly.

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    Anyone know what this would be if it where "turns around" in this narrow street. Just fordul?


    "A busz megfordul ebben a keskeny utcában."
    Megfordul basically means "to turn completely". And you need the -ban suffix here because it all happens in the street

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      Is it absolutely necessary to have both "in" and "into"? into alone is rejected although its sounds more natural to me.


      It's not necessary, and in fact it's wrong. You're correct with just "into".

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