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Lost streak issue

I'm writing on behalf of my mother, and this is her account (I'm also signed up here on Duolingo, as @skrecik). Mom recently had to go on a business trip for a week, and because she has no internet access there, she left me in charge of her account. As I logged in today morning I noticed that her 163-day-long streak was gone, even though I made sure her streak freeze was active (just in case) and two exercises were done on the day before yesterday. She has daily goal of 20 exp so the streak should've been kept as it was.

The really long - over 160 days is, after all, almost half of a year - streak was what really motivated her to keep exercising here every day and it made me very proud and happy that she was able to maintain it for so long. It even became part of her daily routine - she started her every day with getting breakfast, drinking tea and doing some Duolingo. She mentioned to me how she really liked to see not only her progress in English, but also that indicator of her daily activity.

This might have to do with me managing her account with Android application for the past few days, as the app has crashed few times while I was using it. If there is anything you could do to restore the streak both me and my Mom would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance for looking into this case.

September 16, 2016

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