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"Will you say what I told you to the teacher?"

Translation:את תאמרי את מה שאמרתי לךְ למורָה?

September 16, 2016



תאמרי למורה את מה שאמרתי לך?


I reported it because I think that's possible as well.


What's wrong with "האם תגיד למורה מה שאמרתי לך"?


It's missing the word את before מה.

Edit a year later: Even with an את it isn't accepted. Go figure.


At tomri et ma she'amarti lach la'mora?


What is wrong with

האם אתה תאמר את מה שאמרתי לך למורה


I only had one את to choose from and i used it at the beginning of the sentence :(


I wonder whether "Will you tell the teacher what I told you?" would work, or would that change the Hebrew question?


Hava, your version sounds much better in English and I suspect it ought to be acceptable in Hebrew to say תאמרי למורה את מה שאמרתי לך? י as Torsten_W suggested above. My first attempt אתה תגיד למורה את מה שאמרתי לך? י was rejected. I maintain that it's much clearer to separate the two indirect objects לך and למורה , rather than confusingly putting them together.


Why "תאמרי את" but not "את תאמרי"?


They are different words. אַתְּ - at - you (feminine singular). אֶת - marks a definite direct object.


Can you please elaborate? I missed the question.


if you notice the given answer it says "את תאמרי את..." which sounds like "at tomri et", the first את (pronounced "at") is the feminine singular "you" as almog said, and the second את (pronounced "et") points at the definite direct object, so the hebrew sentence translates to "you will say what i told you to the the teacher?" which also works in english.


In English, the first two words are reversed when used as a question; it would be, "Will you say what I told you to the teacher?"

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