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  5. "למה הספר שלכם סגור?"

"למה הספר שלכם סגור?"

Translation:Why is your book closed?

September 17, 2016



Back to the days of four people learning to read around one book so that one person learns to read upside down!


This comment is so underappreciated hahah!


כן,אבל הספר הזה בארמית,לא עיברית.הכול תלמידים לומדים את התלמוד. I hope I said it right


The audio sounds like she says ספר in stead of הספר.


Yeah, I still have trouble hearing the times when the "ha" sound at the beginning of a definite noun like הספר is combined with the "ah" sound at the end of a word like למה so that they become one sound.


exactly, i was about to kill myself for not hearing שלכם.


It sounded like שלך to me - I had to turn the sound up and listen again.


Really? I was sure that ppl with a level higher that 10 are already super-super smart at any language here(sounds stupid)

btw, what's your native language?


I've come to the conclusion that the level designations might be a bit misleading, as far as indicating one's proficiency. Personally, a LOT of the "xp" I did, which got me to "level 14", was going back and strengthening skills over and over, not learning anything new. So, I can imagine that there is someone else at level 14 who's 10 or more lessons ahead of me, and yet another person at level 14 who has yet to even do verbs2. (But maybe I'm wrong.) On the other hand, does my "inability to hear" really equate to lacking intelligence? My native language is English, so maybe it does...lol!


You can use duome.eu/USERNAME/progress (Username = your username) You can track your progress. Or put anyone's username in to see how they're going down the tree.


You might want to stick around for mote adventure.


= elision: double ה elides into one. It's how we humans speak in every language I know and it's essential to poetic meter in Greek and Latin.


“the book of you all” (literal translation) of הספר שלכם The problem people are having with הספר not being הספרים because it sounds weird that several people share one book is wrong on two levels. First people do share one book - think poor people. Second maybe by having the letter ‘hey’ before the word ספר and שלכם, which IS plural, together indicates the book of each and everyone of you. In English we don’t have a difference between you -singular and you - plural. The closest we have is the slang word y’all, usually heard in southern u.s.a. accents. To further emphasize my point, if the words were ספר שלכם this would be translated literally “a book of y’all” or “the one book belonging to all of you


Why is this sentence grammatically correct? Your is in the plural form (שלכם) so the speaker is talking to multiple people. Wouldn't that mean book would have to be plural also (so books)?


Not necessarily. They might have one collective book.


Could be a class where everyone has a lab partner or buddied up for assignments... a cooking class with each team having a cookbook (and they're addressing only one team...) Etc etc.


I heard it just fine. I don't know maybe they fixed it.


"Why are your books closed" should also be accepted. Try translating this sentence back to hebrew. Note: each person has one book.


should not because whether you agree with the intent or not ספר is singular, and several people in this thread have provided reasonable scenarios to make it work




In English, in question sentences the verb should come before the subject. Your sentence is grammatically incorrect.

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I made the same mistake, but of course the definite article is needed here.


I heard "למה ספר של חם סגור". Often it's hard to figure what they are saying since the swallow good portion of words


shelachem is pluriel, so you speak to a bunch of people with their books in front of them and you say; Why are your books closed? If you say: Why is your book closed? למש הספר שלך סגור? shellac is one person and not shelachem. In my opinion.


Is it wrong to translate סגור as "shut" instead of "closed"?


Is it a Hebrew construction to use the singular of the noun and the plural possessive to indicate plural of the noun as well? Or would one say הספרים שלכם in that case?


Why is your book shut should be accepted


Shouldn't be Why are your books closed? , by saying Why is your book closed it loos like you are saying למה הספר שלך סגור singular and no plural


It does say ספר, not ספרים, so "your book" is correct. Not every sentence is realistic. Some are hypothetical, for exercise sake.

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