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"Cẩn thận! một con voi dưới nước."

Translation:Look out! There is a whale under the water.

September 17, 2016



Oh no, an elephant fish!


"Careful!" is not accepted, although I think it probably should be...


Do you actually say "under THE water" in VN? Because we say "underwater," and, in English, it would be pretty impossible to have a whale UNDER the water!


Agreed. "In the water" or "underwater" both would be more accurate than "under the water."


ok, so i am a Vietnamese, and i agree that in VN, you can say underwater or under The water, because, is EXACTLY the same!!!


I love how whale is elphant fish, dolphin is pig fish, and alligator is ugly fish. Vietnamese is so funny sometimes


I thought the same !

Vietnamese is a kind of "compositional" language. They tend to use existing words when possible to form other words. It makes for some obvious yet funny combinations :
- máy bay : "flying machine" => airplane
- xe máy : "machine with wheels". Spend some time in a big city in Vietnam and you will see why the "default" machine with wheels is indeed the motorcycle, not the car or the bicycle.
- đường phố : "road/path/way" and "city" (thành phố) => street

There are often some logic there, like with "thất" which means "to lose something" :
- thất vọng : literally "losing hope (hy vọng)" => disappointed
- thất tình : losing love (tình yêu) => heartbroken, being dumped

I find this property of the language pretty neat ! It arguably makes it easier to learn :)


wel, we sure are funny


I agree for this case I think we would say it is in the water. Just like if there were a shark. It's in the water (in English) but I've seen this preposition used strangely (for English speakers at least) before e.g. they sit under the floor (not on the floor)


what do they mean when they say that? Do they mean that they're sitting on the floor? This is confusing to me.


"They sit under the floor" would mean they are sitting beneath the floor boards, probably hiding. Strange usage indeed.


Jonas or Pinocchio?


Carefully cũng sai


"Carefully" không phải là thán từ.

Hãy cố gắng, "Be careful".


thì ngay từ đầu carefully là từ dùng để chỉ tính chất của HOẠT ĐỘNG cơ mà! Với lại, học lại ngôn ngữ nước mình cũng hay chứ


It's so difficult to come up with the VN words when the English prompt is wrong! A whale would be "in the water" and not "under the water". I can't think of a phrase that would justify using "under the water".


How about underwater? Obviously the whale would be underwater but by having the literal translation it shows us how Vn expresses this collocation. Note my earlier comment about sitting "on the" floor

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