"A man walks over to the fence, jumps over the fence, goes through the garden and climbs up to the roof? This is not good!"

Translation:Egy ember odamegy a kerítéshez, átugrik a kerítésen, átmegy a kerten és felmászik a tetőre? Ez nem jó!

September 17, 2016

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All but the last five words of the Hungarian target sentence were already provided, and I think the last five are pretty easy to unscramble. What do others think about such items? I've run into just a few, but each time I've wondered if they were usefully challenging.


What kind of exercise were you doing? Did you have to translate the sentence or did you choose from 3 options? If you mean the latter, I don't think that type of exercise is very challenging in general.


The words that hadn't already been translated (Eng --> Magyar) were scrambled words, so there were five options (five words: a / ez / jó / nem / tetőre). I think, though, that your question about three options presupposes the multiple choice questions, in which entire sentences are presented as choices; mine wasn't MC.


Oh, I never get that type of exercise, perhaps it's only in the mobile app version.


Yes, I only run into those sorts of items on the mobile app.


What is that???


I don't see the point of these needlessly drawn out sentences either. I've never encountered anything like these in the other courses I've tried so far. Especially that "This is not good!" at the end. It's a most basic sentence without any relevance to this lesson. I'm astonished that anyone could think that it adds something to the exercise.

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I thought ¨egy ember¨ translated to a person, and not to a man (férfi). Am I missing something?


When must we use ODA and when EL? It is not clear at all


Oda is primarily "[to] there", el is primarily "away", even though both can be translated with "to". When used with verbs of movement, oda- (as a prefix) implies a shorter distance, I believe.


This sentence didn't even fit on my phonescreen.

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