"The girl buys a sandwich and water."

Translation:Το κορίτσι αγοράζει ένα σάντουιτς και νερό.

September 17, 2016

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Why can σάντουιτς dispense with ένα if the original phrase says ‘a sandwich’?


It's possible it's meant to be plural. σάντουιτς doesn't change in the plural in Greek.


I just had the same question, It does not sound very logical without the definite article


To sum up all the discussion above, I think questions like this are too tricky and should probably be removed.


"το κορίτσι αγοράζει σάντουιτς και νερό" is still accepted as a correct translation and often comes up on multiple choice questions. If my understanding is right though, it shouldn't be, as it's a good example of a sentence where the indefinite shouldn't be dropped - the girl could easily be buying two or three or four sandwiches, and sandwiches are countable, so the number does need to be specified.


If it were given as: "Το κορίτσι αγοράζει σάντουιτς και νερό." in a multiple choice exercise (and assuming the other 2 sentences were silly as usual) then it would be correct as a plural sentence. That is the original sentence so should be the one chosen by the duobot with of course a plural translation. I think we should change all our translations here to plural since singular is incorrect without ένα. Thanks again.


Ah, I saw it this morning as:

  • το κορίτσι αγοράζει σάντουιτς και νερό
  • το κορίτσι αγοράζει ένα σάντουιτς και νερό
  • A nonsense sentence

I think strictly speaking you could say that only the second is an accurate translation of "The girl buys a sandwich and water." But the duobot wanted the first two to be marked as correct.

Anyway, yes, you're right, changing the En to "the girl buys sandwiches and water" would clear up the ambiguity.


Yes, I have done that but reality tells us that Strengthen/Multiple choice etc don't play by the same rules. I've left an alternative in both Gr and En with "a"/"ένα".


Thanks Jaye!


I chose "Το κορίτσι αγοράζει ένα σάντουιτς και νερό" and it was considered wrong, even if it's suggested as one of the right answers. I don't really get it :)

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