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  5. "Εγώ έχω ένα κόσμημα."

"Εγώ έχω ένα κόσμημα."

Translation:I have a piece of jewelry.

September 17, 2016



the ancient greek word κόσμος can mean "world, order, jewelry" and that's pretty amazing


In Greek language kosmima (κόσμημα) derives from the ancient greek verb kosmo (κοσμῶ), which means to embellish something. 


I hear κόσμουμα in stead of κόσμημα on my phone. Bad phone, bad ears or bad Duolingo-sound that needs correction?


It sounds ok in the app. Maybe it's the sort of "strong" "-σμ-" pronunciation right before the vowel that confused you.


Can this be used euphemistically too, like the English ‘crown/family jewels’ or Yiddish ‘schmuck’?


I checked BlackCat... no, sorry.


Peace in Greek is "κομμάτι". If you write ενα it means one or a- article. I don't agree that you count as mistake!

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"Jewellery" is like "furniture" in English, you need to say 'a piece of'. However, this makes no sense in Greek. You just have 'a furniture' or 'a jewellery' so to speak... So yes, adding "ένα κομμάτι" counts as a mistake, but now you know! :)


Why not "got" instead of have?


Sorry really confused. It translates to i have jewelry. Where is the word for piece. Please explain. Thank you

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This is one of those situations where the two languages have very individual ways of expressing something. It's just a matter of learning the right expression in each language without attempting to translate word for word.

In English, the word "jewelry" is uncountable and we always use the singular verb. For example, "Where is the jewelry." we say "IS" even if there is a lot of jewelry.

In Greek, however, "κόσμημα" can be singular or plural "κοσμήματα".

Here's what happens. When we talk about a lot of "κοσμήματα" in English we say "I have a lot of jewelry."

But when we want to talk about "ένα κόσμημα" we need a special form in English which is "a piece of jewelry".

So, I repeat it's just a matter of having a special way of expressing something. You can easily find how to translate things by using the Drop Down Hints.


Thank you for this clarification. It really helped so much.


Shouldn't be "I have a jewelry piece" correct too?

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No read the correct answer at the top of this page.

Also, use these tips so you get it right the first time with no guessing


1. Read the drop-down hints. Pass your cursor over a word and a list of words will appear. The top word/phrase is usually the best choice.

2 Always read the comments before posting.

3 Read the Tips & notes, on the first page of each lesson you’ll see TIPS Click on that. 4 Use the Report option at the bottom of the exercise page to report problems such as "My answer should be accepted." then post on the Discuss page. If you have questions just ask. 0


Is "I have a gem" acceptable, too? (I submitted a report saying I thought it should be.)

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"gem" has been added. But there is no report.


Thanks for adding, J. Seriously, though -- how do I report that the Report function may not be working? I definitely checked the "My answer should be accepted" box and then "Submit."

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At the bottom of every page there is a list of options....

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I think "Help" would be the right choice.

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