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  5. "Hol teniszezel?"

"Hol teniszezel?"

Translation:Where do you play tennis?

September 17, 2016



Is teniszezel singular or plural? I wrote teniszeszel and it was marked wrong.


Teniszezel is singular-you, teniszeztek is plural-you. The base verb is teniszezik.


Am I imagining it, or are vowels pronounced a bit longer before "l" at the end of a syllable? I hear "Hól teniszezél?" ... I notice this in other words too, such as "repül" ...


I guess it's only the voice recorded for the course. In fact, there are cases, where we pronounce a letter longer or shorter than it should be, but all of the words you mentioned are pronounced normally.


Yes, I think you are right, they are a tiny bit longer in the audio. But there is no rule for this. If you want to make them equally short, go for it. I think it is just a natural phenomenon. Also, maybe the question intonation has an effect in this case.

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