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  5. "Учитель преподаёт в школе."

"Учитель преподаёт в школе."

Translation:The teacher teaches at school.

September 17, 2016



"...is teaching..." is wrong? imho i can stand behind the window of that class, point at the teacher during his work and say "Учитель преподаёт в школе."


Doesn't a "учитель учит" and a "преподаватель преподаёт"? P.S. This is a legitimate question.

[deactivated user]

    I think that "учитель учит" is a correct answer, but "учитель преподаёт" is a more correct answer for this lesson because "учить" means not only "to teach" in Russian. It means "to learn; to study" as well!

    Студент учит правила.
    Мальчик учит ноты.
    Девочка учит стихи.


    Not really, because учиться is for saying 'to study/learn' and it literally means 'to teach himself/herself. Same with my native language - Polish: uczyć - to teach, uczyć się - to learn.


    Why is "the teacher is teaching in school" not correct?


    English is actually my second language and i am getting tired of this, all my mistakes are in English, nothing to do with russian language. I don't think using in or at changes the meaning.


    "The teacher is teaching at school" not accepted! Reported!


    Why Pr Cont isn't accepting?


    Why isn't present continuous accepted?


    "is teaching" === "teaches" in English. Please fix.


    i disagree though i am not sure which one is a better translation

    is teaching > he is teaching at school, feels like it is an action that is happening right now.

    teaches > he teaches at school. feels like that is what he does repeatedly.

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