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  5. "a boy and a girl"

"a boy and a girl"

Translation:egy fiú és egy lány

September 17, 2016



Can't I say "A fiú és a lány" ?




Can "egy" be dropped for one or both nouns?


I would say both or none. But without "egy" it would not mean the same as "a boy and a girl". But since this is not a sentence, there may be contexts where "fiú és lány" can be used.


May I ask how the meaning would change without "egy"?


Maybe not the meaning, more like the usage. I think the same way that it would change in English. It is hard to think of a good example, but maybe one of those general statements would do, as we know that Hungarian likes to make those statements in the singular:

There are boys, and girls, too, in the team.

Fiúk és lányok is vannak a csapatban - plural version
Fiú és lány is van a csapatban - singular version

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