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"Nem, a fák nem a parkból jönnek!"

Translation:No, the trees do not come from the park!

September 17, 2016



Hang on, is this sentence talking about the provenance of some trees (maybe a conversation with a Christmas tree seller) or is it saying that the trees are not in the process of moving out of the park?


I'd assume a conversation with a tree seller sounds reasonable. But this possibly also fits some fantasy scenario, where the trees are afraid to escape the park because outside those mad kindergarten teachers are waiting.


Ezt tudjuk természetesen, hogy a fák a kertből jönnek! ;)


I had written "no the trees are not coming out of the park" which is in keeping with the weird English translations that seem to prevail in this course, but am miffed to find "No, the trees do not come from the park!" is the only translation accepted. I agree with DVANCLEV - can we have an explanation please?


And why not the trees are not coming from the park Both is unreasonable ether but grammatically ok


Valaki el tudnà magyarázni mikor hasznàlunk of ill. From ot.

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