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Hungarian missing in windows app

Hi guys,

Recently I switched from android to windows 10, but in the app hungarian is not available (on mobile site it is, but that is much less practical on a phone) even though it says so in the store.

Is that a bug on my device? If not, when will it become available?

Thanks guys.

September 17, 2016



It seems in general the windows app is generations older than it's android counterpart..


I know this special problem since I joined Duolingo in November 2014.

The Hungarian language course is still not available on WindowsPhone. It was (and is) the same with a lot of other courses, that the windowsphone version needs longer to be set online.

And finally the windowsphone version still works with hearts that can be lost. After three or four lost hearts you have "lost" the tour and have to start new. On Android and the WWW-version you can go on without loosing anything - except your patience maybe smile

The only positive things are, that you get additional points for "hearts" you did not loose. And you can switch very easyly between the different language courses of the set "native" language - if there are different courses available.

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