"The Spanish students are studying by the lamps, whereas the American secretaries are chatting by the phones."

Translation:A spanyol diákok a lámpáknál tanulnak, az amerikai titkárnők pedig a telefonoknál beszélgetnek.

September 17, 2016



I reported that sentence now. It is too long for a multiple choice test because it hides the answering menu. But I am not sure, if it will help.

September 17, 2016


And on a webpage there are too many words to be showed properly in the wordbank!

August 16, 2018


Titkárok is an acceptable translation for secretaries.

February 4, 2017


it is nonsense to accept only one correct answer, there are too many ways to write this down!! we cannot read in anyone's mind to figure this out! So please, if it's possible, hire more hungarians for make it perfect or delete the whole thing!!! It doesn't deserve to make me headache day by day even if I am a real hungarian female, who cannot pass these tests. What about the other nationalities? How they can learn this language if they really want to??? Thank you!

November 28, 2017


-------- thanks for telling them, nora . . .

Big 28 may 18

May 29, 2018


It's impossible to read properly as all the lines are mixed up ( at least on a telephone screen)

November 30, 2017


When it marked me wrong it said the correct answer was: A spanyol diákok a lámpáknál tanulnak, míg az amerikai titkárnők a telefonoknál beszélgetnek.

January 9, 2018


Yes, saw that also but have never before encountered "mig"

March 13, 2018


Yes, what is "mig"???

April 17, 2018


yes, WHAT is "mig"? So far the course has used "pedig" in similar sentences.

April 30, 2018


The hungarian word "MÍG" means , Whenever = amikor, amíg, miközben, azalatt. Two actions are happening at the same time

July 14, 2018


When I suggest "pedig" it is wrong; when I, thus corrected, suggest "míg", the course suddenly only accepts "pedig". and so on in all eternity -? This part of the course makes my head spin! It is total guesswork if it prefers "at" or "by", or if it wants the continuous or the simple tense.

April 30, 2018


please stop these long phrases. it is horrible to work on these with a mobile phone

May 3, 2018
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