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  5. "Πονάω όταν ξοδεύω."

"Πονάω όταν ξοδεύω."

Translation:I hurt when I spend money.

September 17, 2016



This must mean that someone's very stingy.


I caress it 'cause I POSSESS IT I'm Stingy And it's MIIIIINEEEEEE


this sentence is fishy :)


Is "I hurt when I spend" really idiomatic English? It sounds weird in my ears. (Not native English speaker though.)


No, it's not really idiomatic - at least in American English. It implies many things that are expressed in other idioms, sayings and stereotypes ("he pinches pennies so hard they squeak" or "my family is shopping and so I'm crying" or a joke like "The doctor wrote me a prescription for pain medicine. I said, 'Dr, I'm not in pain,' and he said 'No, but you will be when you get my bill!' ")


Only if they are from xios


According to Wiktionary, in Byzantine Greek there was an ε- at the beginning. I know what εξ- means, but what about the rest of the verb?


It εξ+οδεύω, the noun is έξ+οδος, exit, οδός is way, street, so it is obvious it is about money going out from a pocket or wallet


tell me which of these words means money because i cant see it. not even my translator can see it. I can only see it hurts when i spend.


Okay, this is a bit "tricky", because money is actually implied. When someone says "ξοδεύω" in Greek, they're usually talking about themselves either time or money.

When they are referring to time, χρόνος (or some form of it, like χρόνια, βδομάδες, μέρες etc) is actually mentioned.

When they are referring to money, χρήματα could be ommited, because it's somehow implied, in some cases, like this one. It's kind of an idiom. I think I've heard an English version of it (not quite the same as this one) , something like "Paying with cash hurts." It has kind of the same meaning.

But, since it's idiomatic, It hurts when I spend is accepted as a translation ^.^


Doesn't "Πονάω όταν ξοδεύω χρήματα" mean "It hurts when I spend money"?


It hurts when I spend should it be πονάει or not


From my point of view this sentence sounds very..."unEnglish"...


Not correct English? Hurt... Spend... Ok... Spending hurts... It hurts me to spend... Reflexive?? Με πονάει όταν ξοδεύω.


Tightwads are sad.


The word bank translation is "it hurts when I spend money". Granted that either is correct, I EXPECT CONSISTENCY. Seriously, though, I thought you might want to know this.


"I suffer when I spend " is not accepted .Why?


To me it's another Duolingo unfinished sentence , causing confusion . If it implies something then that should be accepted. If I said this at home , England , everyone would know I ment money, its really not implied, but I would imply I was being Scrougish (meen)


It hurts me when I spent.

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It hurts me when I spent.

Spent is the past tense though... Also, it hurts me = με πονάει. It's better to stick with a translation that retains as many features of the original as possible if it's also correct in the target language. It may not be the most natural but it does give you a good idea of what the language you're learning works like, what its structures are. :)


Can't we translate "Πονάω" by "I suffer" ?

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