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  5. "אריה או דוב?"

"אריה או דוב?"

Translation:A lion or a bear?

September 17, 2016



I heard it was a tiger…


ድብ and dov. The same letter.


Well, the word in Amharic is certainly a direct relative. The Ethiopian subgroup of the Semitic languages always lack a bit of attention, so it is nice,when someone sees these connections.


Is this lioness or lion


Well, the female pair would be לְבִיאָה אוֹ דֻּבָּה! Because אַרְיֵה lion does not have a feminine form, you use its synonym לָבִיא for derivation, a cognate of English lion. There are some pairs like this, e.g. חֲמוֹר ass and אָתוֹן she-ass.


Wow same in arabic but the male lion is different.

we say asad(اسدאשד)/layth(לישليث) for male lion, and laboo'a(لبوءةלבואה) for female.

Hmar(حمارחמאר) for male donkey, and atan(آتانאתאן) for female


Well, when I first saw this list of 200 items, I was shocked: The myth of the Inuit with their 200 words for snow became real. By the way, there is biblical לַ֫יִשׁ lion too, an exact cognate of لَيْث: Prov 30,30 לַיִשׁ גִּבּוֹר בַּבְּהֵמָה the lion, hero among the beasts.


אין אפשרות שלישית?


כן. האריה והדוב... :-)


What's the correct pronunciation of אריה? Ahr-yeh or Ahr-ee-yeh? Thanks


(To make sure, the stress is on the last syllable.) According to the niqqud, it's /ar-yeh/ (שווא at the "ר"). But I, a native Hebrew speaker, pronounce the same thing even if I try to make the difference. I'll be actually suprised if English speakers (don't know if you're one) make an acoustic difference. If you think you make a difference, and you can prove it by having someone else succeeding to say correctly what you intended when you say it several times in both ways, I'll be interested!

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