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  5. "Вона не грала на піаніно."

"Вона не грала на піаніно."

Translation:She did not play the piano.

September 17, 2016



The English sentence sounds weird grammatically. It is better written as "She did not play the piano." rather than "She did not play piano". Musical instruments generally need the definite article "the". Examples: She plays the guitar. He played the flute last night. There may be a few exceptions though. Reported.


That's strange, because the translation does include 'the' for me.


Thanks grey236 . I just looked again now and it seems to have been corrected now. I can now indeed see the "the" in the given answer.


It shows "play the piano" and "play piano" with equal frequency. It's a BrE vs AmE thing. In BrE "the" is always used, in AmE it can be used or omitted, almost interchangeable (might have a slightly different connotation). Or at least that's what I know :)


I thought we were doing past tense imperfect, is "She wasn't playing with the piano" a wrong translation?


I don't know what "playing with the piano" would mean. But let's assume we are in a fairy tale like Beauty and the Beast where furniture and household items are sentient. In that case "She wasn't playing with the piano" would be "Вона не гралася з піаніно" in Ukrainian.

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