"the breakfast dish."

Translation:Το πιάτο του πρωινού.

September 17, 2016

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I must say that my whole life (greek is the first language I learned at home) I have said : "το πρωινό πιατο " and similar sequence in using adjectives

Is this totally wrong? I have been consistently marked wrong on a number of these exercises for using this structure. Is this hard a rule I was not aware of in greek (like in French in the sequence of adjectives) ?

Το πιάτο του πρωινού. sounds stilted to me but if that is the only correct usage then I will change the error of my ways


Το πρωινό πιάτο is the morning dish. The breakfast dish=the dish of breakfast= Το πιάτο του πρωινού. Πρωινό means of the morning as an adjective. Πρωινό means breakfast as a noun. Nouns that characterize other nouns come after them and in the genitive. Adjectives come before the noun. So if you say το πρωινό πιάτο I take πρωινό as an adjective with the meaning of "the morning dish".


thank you for great explanation.

some things i have been doing wrong my whole life. I learned Greek from my grandparents to had zero formal education.

Thanks again

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