"Our uncle goes to sleep too late."

Translation:Ο θείος μας κοιμάται πολύ αργά.

September 17, 2016

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I got this wrong because the English sentence to me means that the uncle's going to sleep too late rather than he sleeps too late in the morning and doesn't get up in time etc.

Therefore I wrote "Ο θείος μας πηγαίνει για ύπνο πολύ αργά" and was marked wrong. Do you think this should be an alternative answer or possibly even a better answer??? In my mind "Ο θείος μας κοιμάται πολύ αργά." Means our uncle sleeps too late.


I'm adding it to the Incubator. Thank you. gpbalis and troll1995


From where do you understand that πολύ αργά is too late and not very late***?


There is no actual expression in Greek for "too late" which is covered by "πολύ αργά" or πάρα πολύ αργά'' it depends on context. Technically, the use of "too" in Eng. would imply a result. So, "He goes to bed too late and is always sleepy at work the next day."


Thank you. This confirms my suspicions, hitherto only suspicions, now I know for sure.

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