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"Picie kawy pomaga mi w pracy."

Translation:Drinking coffee helps me at work.

September 17, 2016



In English I would probably say " drinking coffee helps me in work", is this not correct?


You should say at work


BE native speaker. "drinking coffee helps me in work" sounds at least as good as "at work".

Should be allowed, IMO.


Hmm... where are you from exactly, can I ask?

The two BE native speakers who work on this course both were against "in work" (but would be ok with "in my work")...


Hmmm. Interesting.

Could be local form - originally south Wales. Could be age - north of seventy.


Drinking, coffee at work, helps me.


That's not really the same sentence. In the Polish sentence, drinking coffee help you at work, but it's possible that you work at home. It just helps you in the 'working process'.

In your sentence, you drink coffee in the place where you work, and it helps you.


Not necessarily. In English the sentence could also mean drinking coffee helps me in (my) work, in other words it helps me to do my work. It's just that the 'my' is implicit.


In English, these two sentences may mean two different things (depends on context):

Drinking coffee at work helps me

Drinking coffee helps me at work

The first says that drinking coffee at work helps, while the latter just says it in general. The speaker may drink it at home before going to work, for example. It is less specific, but it may me the same as the first based on context. Are both the exact same in Polish?


It may be understood the first way, but only in the part where it overlaps with the second sentence. "W pracy" may indeed be "at my workplace", but it's generally "at work". And "work" may surely be something you do at home. So the second sentence is the one we're looking for. We don't know what kind of work is meant here, and we don't know how much earlier the subject drinks the coffee. And as it's not mentioned that I drink it at the workplace, I wouldn't accept the first sentence.


Why "at 'my' work" is correct and "at work" is not?


'at work' is accepted, it should have worked.


why is kawa in the genitive?


Because it follows the gerund (verbal noun) "picie", which usually results in Genitive. You can think about it as "drinking of coffee", and 'of' always triggers Genitive in Polish.


I have to agree with the person who said - helps me in work. I am also from S Wales and everybody would say this because it is a place of work even if it was outdoor you would be ~in work~

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