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  5. "Θυμάμαι τους εαυτούς μας."

"Θυμάμαι τους εαυτούς μας."

Translation:I remember us.

September 17, 2016



I'm not sure this sentence works in English. Feels like this has to be a reflexive use of 'selves'. I can remember myself, we can remember ourselves but I don't think I can remember ourselves or we can remember myself.

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Yes, it would need paraphrasing which would have nothing to do with the grammar being taught. Something on the line of: "I remember when we were young..." Or perhaps substitute something better. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. It's one of those "lost in translation" moments.


remember when we were young, we shone like the sun, shine on you crazy diamond.............Pink Floyd lyrics..................Now to translate........................... any ideas?


Sorry I digress - but it is learning. Θυμάσαι όταν ήμασταν νέοι....................εμείς έλαμψε σαν τον ήλιο....................

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Θυμάσαι όταν ήμασταν νέοι, λάμπαμε σαν τον ήλιο, λάμπε τρελό διαμάντι...

Λάμπε or συνέχισε να λάμπεις for shine on. :)


You're welcome. Hopefully this is the goal of beta!

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Three years after it is still there…


Yes - right again. Omit this example and move the whole structure up the tree! Actually both these structures.


As others have mentioned, I can confirm as a native English-speaker that the translation of this phrase sounds decidedly ungrammatical. I cannot think of any situation in which I would say "I remember ourselves." I can indeed say "I remember US" (with the object pronoun rather than the reflexive) but even that is a bit of a stretch (e.g. Me: "I remember (us) when we were young and played in the park. Do you?" You: "Yes, I remember (us).") Linguistically, this phrase violates anaphoric binding- the usage of "ourselves" necessitates the explicit presence of a matching antecedent- in this case it would have to be "we" (i.e. "we remember ourselves").

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Yes, I never liked it either but thought the Eng had to conform to the Greek. No, the English needs to be correct also. So, I remember us will be added but what i'll do is disable the Eng to Greek to not confuse those who have learned it as it is.


Correct. I also can not think of when i would say "I remember ourselves" but neither "I remember us" ...unless followed by more, e.g. I remember us walking down the street.

DL should remove this one, or modify it.


Can I say: "Θυμαμαι μας" and have the same meaning? (I remember us when we were young)


No you can't! It's wrong Greek! However, you can say "Μας θυμάμαι να...κτλ", especially when speaking rather than writing.


I'm a little confused on why we know it's I who remember us.


I'm a little confused on why we know it's I

Because of the -άμαι ending on the verb.

  • εγώ θυμάμαι
  • εσύ θυμάσαι
  • αυτός/αυτή/αυτή θυμάται
  • εμείς θυμούμαστε
  • εσείς θυμάστε
  • αυτοί/αυτές/αυτά θυμούνται

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Just a note: θυμούμαστε is correct but a bit obsolete. Θυμόμαστε is more commonly used :)


This is such bad English that i don't even gotten what's trying to be said


I looked at it, translated it, and thought "That can't possibly be right. It's totally meaningless". Looked at discussion to see I was one in a long line who thought this. It should really be deleted.


This might be the saddest phrase I've ever seen on Duolingo.

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