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  5. "Scegli un piatto."

"Scegli un piatto."

Translation:Choose a plate.

February 10, 2014



Should the translation of this not be "You choose a plate". "Choose a plate" sounds like the imperitive, which may well be the same, but that definitely hasn't been covered thus far...


It is the imperative. The rule that applies is explained on this site:

'the tu and voi forms are identical to their corresponding present indicative forms, except for the tu form of -are verbs, which add -a to the root'


So for the verb parlare, the "tu" form imperative would be "parla", which is also the 3rd person singular indicative form??


Yes, but remember the negative "tu" imperative is "non parlare", with the infinitive verb form. The noi & voi negative imperatives are just "non" in front of the positive imperative.


"You choose a plate." is also accepted as correct by Duolingo for this sentence.


Unfortunately not today... It wasn't accepted. 6/18


It is back to being accepted today, Nov.7, 2019. How confusing! It is either correct or it isn't and if Duo doesn't know, how are we to know!!


Should the translation of this not be "You choose a plate". "Choose a plate" sounds like the imperitive, which may well be the same, but that definitely hasn't been covered thus far...


Asked to type this from the audio I entered "sceglie un piatto". This was marked incorrect with the explanation that I used the Lui/Lei form of the word rather than the Tu form.

How on earth would I know that?


I was curious too about the difference in the pronounciation between "scegli" and "sceglie", so I looked up some pronounciation rules. Apparently, the "ie" vowel combination has an "ay" sound...so the lui/lei form would be pronounced "shehl-yay". I am still a beginner, so if this is incorrect, I wish to be corrected. :-)


Hi, sorry to write this here but I don't know where else. at the beginning it shows that this lesson we learn 7 words - but I've done this lesson at least 4 times and didn't have a single sentence with the words: manco and significa. But I've had : Lui dimostra la (sua) ricetta million times.. what can I do with this? Thanks in advance. :)


exact same thing with me. did this lesson 4 or 5 times ... still haven't seen manco or significa.


Try reporting this and be more specific. Try writing down each sentence that you get to let them know.


I noticed in the drop down conjugation the letters l and g are reversed in the first person singular and third person plural conjugations. Is that right? Are there other verbs like this?


Yes, and yes. You can find a whole list of verbs of this type on the left side of this web page.



Thanks. Here's a lingot.


I do not get any drop downs on the verbs in Italian, unlike in French or German and I was wondering why, and how I was supposed to learn the conjugations. Is this an error on Duo's part, or have I missed doing something?


how exactly do you say "scegli"?


I wonder if the statement can only refer to the object itself or also the food served on it? Choosing a clean plate or glass doesn't seem to make much sense, after all.


In English you would say 'you choose a dish ' in a restaurant this should be accepted


If this sentence is in the imperative, then surely it should have an exclamation mark. I know that the imperative can be followed by a full stop rather than an exclamation mark, but how else are we to identify this unless you actually hear it spoken?


Why is wrong " I choose a plate" I + choose??????


I tried to tell this sentence about 10 times, but the owl doesn't understand "scegli". How can I get through?


Same problem took me at least 20 goes even though i said exactly the same thing each time! I have found when this hsppens use the cant use microphone option right now and when you come back to it later it suddenly recognises it first time!


I have been stuck a few times with a particular word I just can't pronounce well enough and bring up a translation site in another tab press record and play on the other tab and it thinks it is me saying it. Yes I know it is technically cheating but I have found using the "I don't want to use the microphone" button when it is the last question I need to get correct stuffs the whole thing up and I have to redo it all.


I would turn off the microphone.


Why is wrong: I choose the plate?!?!


Because "scegli" is the second-person verb form, "you", not the first-person form, "I".

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