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  5. "הילד נפגע כשהוא נפל מהעץ."

"הילד נפגע כשהוא נפל מהעץ."

Translation:The boy got hurt when he fell from the tree.

September 17, 2016



Injured is usually worse than hurt. Injured more often refers to physical damage to the body, while hurt could be physical or emotional.


"Was injured" and "got hurt" are almost identical in English. Can you explain the difference between נפצע and ?נפגע


pretty much the same difference. You can get hurt without obtaining an injury.



is a noun meaning "wound" or "lesion". Regarding injury, there exist the noun

"פציעה" and noun "פגיעה"


They wouldn't accept injured, but then they wrote got hurt which is the same thing. You can get hurt falling from a tree or you can get injured.


Also in English a person can receive minor injuries which are not serious at all. The word injury is not used only for major injuries. You can also be very badly hurt in am accident and be in critical condition. Hurt and injured are synonyms.

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