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  5. "Ki használja ma az autót?"

"Ki használja ma az autót?"

Translation:Who is using the car today?

September 17, 2016



Is the "l" pronounced?


Sometimes "l+j " get mixed up and sound like a double "j"..


Are you saying Hungarian does that, or the Text-to-Speech function malfunctions that way?


My teacher gave a long explanation once. The position of the tongue for l and j moves from the top of the mouth to the bottom. So when you have lj you make it twice as long and sora in teh middle - but it sounds more like a long j to me.


Not. In normal speed of speech it is difficult to pronounce clearly the similarly sounding consonants like the "l" and "j" if thy are closely beside each other. So, first consonant assimilates and the two consonants are pronunced like "jj" instead of "lj". It is very common in spoken Hu language. But never mind, your Hu friends will understand you without using this role, although the pronunciation will be a bit strange for them.


in the sound ma and az seem merged into a "ma'z"


That's normal.


In spoken language - yes, but this is the beginners course. I have only got this exercise as audio, therefore I couldn't understand what she was saying.


The position in the sentance of ma. Could it come on the end?

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