"The road is long from the stop."

Translation:A megállótól hosszú az út.

September 17, 2016

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This is awkward English. I think you mean "The road is far from the stop." Or maybe "The road continues a long way from the stop." Or maybe something else.


So the structure here is "from the stop long the road". Why ?


"... long is the road...".

The answer is: why not. It is a matter of emphasis. The order is very flexible here. You can shuffle these three components:

  • a megállótól
  • hosszú
  • az út


So my answer, "Az út a megállótól hosszú," should be correct?


Yes, it is correct. A little bit less usual than the default but otherwise perfectly fine.


So why dont you accept it? Can you explain how the different emphasis works? Thanks!


I do accept it, but I am not Duolingo. :) I cannot speak for them. Such problems need to be reported (Report a problem), and we can hope they will add it as an accepted translation.

There is so much to say about emphasis and word order.
Read these for a little introduction:
You can also check Wikipedia on the Hungaria language.

In this particular sentence though, I do not sense much difference in emphasis in any variation. Probably because there is no verb, which would be a major source of emphasis. So it is more about "topic". The thing you say first will set the "topic" of the sentence (Hungarian is a "topic first" language). That's what people hear first, it grabs their attention first, and the rest of the sentence will add further information to it.


There are a billion possible sentences that could be written. I would love for the sentences to be useful, educational, and correct. I understand the "lost in translation" concept, but again, a billion possible sentences to learn.


The English sentence is meaningless. I hate when they do that.


What exactly is this sentence conveying? That the road goes for a long distance from the stop (its the road the stop is on, but continues for another 20 miles or whatever), or that the road you are talking about is a long way from the stop (the stop is on a different road, 20 miles from the road your talking about, which could be a 100 mile long hw or a 50' alley), or something else im not seeing?

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