"The uncle gives the bowl to me."

Translation:Ο θείος μου δίνει το μπολ.

September 17, 2016

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" Μού"with an accent? When?


In this case! Without the accent, as above, it means "My uncle gives the bowl". This is the reverse exercise, and here is another example, linking to another where jaye explains that right now Greek sentences are locked. The contributors know about this, it'll be fixed they once they are allowed to make corrections to the Greek sentences.

Edit: The explanation is that when the accent is missing the words are grouped like this: Ο θείος μου δίνει το μπολ. With the accent, the grouping changes to Ο θείος μού δίνει το μπολ. So it's "'me' uncle" vs. "gives me". :) It is possible of course to say "My uncle gives me the bowl" where no accent is needed: "Ο θείος μου μου δίνει το μπολ."

Also, don't be surprised to see bowl spelled μπωλ.


Many thanks D. for your clear explanations. :-)


then only the second sentence should be given as correct, and not both the first and the second?


me too.. I think the same! The correct answer here would be WITH the accent: μού


I got this question as a "Mark all correct translations" exercise. I already knew about the accent rule that distinguishes the meanings, so I intentionally did not choose the option without the accent. I was marked wrong. I realize that the contributors know about these mistakes, but I still reported so that they will know which exercises to correct later on. 4/10/2017


same happened to me


How about, ' Ο θειος δινει το μπολ σε μενα' ?

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