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  5. "קשתים משתמשים בקשתות."

"קשתים משתמשים בקשתות."

Translation:Archers use bows.

September 17, 2016



I want comments on:

A. קשת

B. קשט


B is not a word in hebrew. קשת (kashat) means an archer, and the plural is קשתים (kashatim). קשת (keshet) means a bow or an arch, and the plural is קשתות (kshatot)


That apparently isn't true according to balashon.com:

"But we also find a slightly different form: קשט, with a tet instead of a tav. An example can be found in Yerushalmi Taanit 69b, and perhaps in Tehillim 60:6.

But we are also familiar with the root קשט having another meaning: truth. We find this meaning in Hebrew once in the Bible, in Mishlei 22:21."



Are the words for a female archer and for the plural of "bow" identical? I.e., are they both קְשָׁתוֹת?


Well, קַשָּׁתִית female archer should have the plural קַשָּׁתִיּוֹת. The word קַשְׁתִּית iris looks similar, because ἶρις is a Greek word, meaning rainbow.


למה אלה נחשבים כאגדות? מפעם האחרון שבדקתי, קשתים היו אמיתים.


Maybe because they still are more commonly met in fairytales.


גם ארמונות ומלכים לא. סתם כי מה שלא מודרני נחשב כאגדה


The word לקשט means to decorate. Also if you see קשט with a ט instead of a ת meaning an archer or a bow, keep in mind that sometimes Hebrew words are spelled differently (not so much in modern Hebrew) and it's not considered incorrect. I've encountered it with ט and ת and with ש and ס. Still it's better to stick to the most commonly accepted spellings today, and whatever you do, never, never argue with your child's Hebrew teacher!

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