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I agree with the Hungarian speaker who tried out the course to see what it would be like to learn Hungarian as an English speaker. I am not Hungarian but I have spoken Hungarian for many years. I also find that one must speak "Duolingo-Hungarian" in order to have my answer accepted. I get very frustrated when I write an answer which should be correct but it refused because it is not exactly the Duolingo version. Still I keep working. Deborah Cornelius

September 17, 2016



Well, it's a pretty new course, so they're trying to get it smoothed out. The best we can do it submit reports on sentences.


Just keep submitting reports when you know your answer should be accepted. The course is still in beta, so it can take time to get every single correct answer in the system.


I understand that the sentences were designed to show how Hungarian suffixes and prefixes work in place of English prepositions, but there are so many errors in the English constructions ("the table beside which teachers are sitting over") that I start to feel like taking the course is ruining my English. The lessons at the end with long compound sentences are especially messy. A native English speaker could proofread them quickly, I'd imagine.


Your reports, then, do all the more good. Assuredly there are many more people doing the course able to submit reports on issues with translations into English than into Hungarian.


I agree with Deborah. In order to make progress in Hungarian one has to learn duolingo English, which I sometimes find unnatural. Most frustrating but, like her, I soldier on.


I agree. I'm fluent both in English and Hungarian, and I find a lot of mistakes, too. I suppose we just have to keep reporting them and hope that our contributions will make a difference! I appreciate that it must be a massive job to create a Duolingo course, though....

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Thank you :)

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