Multi-language Problems

Hello, I have been learning Portuguese and French from English using both the app and my computer. I had never had any issues with Duolingo, until recently, I decided to try French from Spanish, a language that I also know, then I decided that I didn't want to continue and went back to French from English. Now I get a duolingo notification on my phone to practice French from Spanish, I have tried to delete French from Spanish but I cant, since its the only language in Spanish my only option is to reset it. It would not bother me as much, but my phone has a big orange 2 on duolingo every day, if I study from English it turns to a 1, if I study from both languages it goes away. this number can not be removed unless I study the language. I have uninstalled the app and installed it back, I have also disabled the notifications from duolingo settings and my phone settings and still no solution to the problem,. I have looked at the discussions to find help but so far I have not been able to delete French from Spanish or clear my phone from the orange 2 on my screen. Any help is greatly appreciated.

September 17, 2016

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This new number feature is annoying. I turned notifications off from inside the app and from the applications settings on the phone and still get it. All I can say is send a bug report. Hopefully someone else has a fix for this.

September 18, 2016
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